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Старая версия приложения ВКонтакте для андроида

или здесь

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APK Downloader

Download APK Files Directly From Google Play If your Android device is short on space, or you want to work around country restrictions, then you can simply download and install APK files directly from Google Play to your computer and install it on your device later. Effectively, you can store an APK collection on your hard drive […]

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How to download videos from Youtube

Free online service to download Youtube videos with multiple formats like 3gp, flv, mp4, full HD, 4K video.

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This Website holds a collection of the Song 99 Bottles of Beer programmed in different programming languages. Actually the song is represented in 1500 different programming languages and variations. For more detailed information refer to historic information.

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radio chillstep

What is chillstep? Tune in to find out! We stream slow, deep, melodic, mellow dubstep and closely related niche genres 24/7 – chillout imminent!

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