Croma — Responsive Music WordPress Theme with Ajax and Continuous Playback

Croma gives you the edge with Continuous Playback of your music as your fan’s check out your
website. Responsive, modern, get the professional look & sound

Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

Continuous Audio Player & Music Album

Give your sound the attention it deserves with the standout feature in Croma; a professional
built-in audio player that floats on top of your website no matter which page is viewed.
This means your fans, users, managers and agents can preview and listen to your music on any
page, and navigate your full site without any interruption to the sound.
This is what makes Croma unique, this is what gives you the edge over the competition. Check
it out for yourself on any of the nine stunning layouts that come fully prepared with your
one-time purchase.

Designed for Artists, Music Labels & Producers

Croma has been carefully designed and developed from the ground up for today’s music
Fully integrated into the design are awesome visual ways to show your artwork, full integration
of all the social media networks needed to promote and share your music, and pages that make
sense to the musician/artist in you.
This includes Tour pages, the all important Contact page, of course incredibly cool ways to play
and preview your latest work and deep integration with WooCommerce so that you can
monetize your site with a wicked online store.

Nine Stunning Demos

You’re a muso, not a web designer! We hear ya :)
That’s why with Croma you get 9 fully feature packed demos to kickstart your new website. If
you have a web designer, they are gonna love you for doing all the hard work up front.
We know you are going to love these designs, the layouts carefully accenting what is most
important – your work – with fluid designs and relevant pages constructed to give you the one up
over your competition when it comes to have a fully mad website for your band.
Of course these are just starting points designed to make our life easier. Everything you need to
get started is available with the 1-Click demo importer but everything is flexible and ready to
customize to meet your needs.

Event & Gigs Manager

One of the most important requirements of a top notch website has to be your upcoming events
section… how else are your fans going to find you?
With a feature rich events module built into the backed of Croma you can detail in as much
information as you like your future gigs and events. Back it up with sections for brilliant flyers,
posters and artworks with the ability to host your own Ticketing system and you’re onto a

Super Responsive Design

Today’s fans are mobile. They are out at your gigs, they are at festival and they are using a
wide variety of modern handheld devices and tablets predominantly. This is why Responsive
Design is so important to you.
Croma takes full advantage of this and will scale seamlessly across all of the devices out in the
wild. You won’t have to worry about a thing. Check it out now, whatever device you are using,
scroll and swipe left your way through some of our Live Demos now!

Flexible Headers

Headers and menus are really important features of your website, even more so to the user so
that they have an excellent experience and navigation is intuitive and just ‘makes sense’.
This is why Croma comes complete with an easy Menu Builder giving you the ultimate flexibility
for creating perfect headers and a menu system that works for both you and your users.

Translation Ready

Good design also needs to meet global demands in terms of translation ready websites. Croma
understands these needs and comes fully compatible with WPML – the top choice when it
comes to translation today.
Rest assured, Croma is the solution and all of this is possible with no coding required on your
What are you waiting for?

Another great inclusion with Croma is the simple solution to add a ‘hot link’ to any page,
Hot links are like little hot navigation spots with anchor text so you can take a user from one
page or section to another really quickly with the click of a button, link or icon.

Save Mega with Bundled Premium Plugins

Visual Composer, Essential Grid & Slider Revolution Included !

Taking your web design to the next level with the #1 Drag & Drop Page
Builder, Visual Composer included in the one off purchase price of Croma.

Create almost any web element you desire with the Drag & Drop simplicity, Visual Composer is
a powerhouse when it comes to building and designing custom web elements, and it’s so
simple to use it’s actually hard to believe!

Don’t stop there, grab Slider Revolution as an added bonus too – as they say, it’s not just a
Slider Plugin, it’s a new way to deliver ideas.
Create beautiful content in a creative way whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or Full
Page video background you need, with this powerhouse Drag & Drop Editor Slider Revolution
has you covered.

Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme
Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme
Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme
Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme
Croma - Responsive Music WordPress Theme


V.3.3.2 – 09.12.2017

- Added: Support for WP-CLI
- Fixed: Player skip to the next track when song is finished instead of jumping to another song randomly.
- Fixed: Minor visual adjustment of the play and pause button in tracklist
- Fixed: Waveform now always shows up after being loaded
- Updated: Croma-Music Plugin to 3.2.2 *

— To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won’t loose anything.

V.3.3.1 – 08.30.2017

- Updated: Better documentation on how to import demos.
- Removed: Unused scripts for better performance.

V.3.3 – 08.17.2017

- Refactored the theme codes and scripts for best coding practice and security.
- Added: When no retina logo is set, standard logo is applied.
- Added: Artist name, album name and release date now shows up above the tracklist.
- Added: Artist name now shows up on the album page below the Album name.
- Added: Offline documentation
- Fixed: Audio Player play/pause issue when coming from an artist page.
- Fixed: Now the image of the album switch if you change tracks.
- Fixed: Menu items alignment when the browser's window is resized
- Fixed: Better behavior of the tracklist if your track title contains a very very long name.
- Updated: Croma-Music Plugin to 3.2
- * Updated: Iron Demo Importer to version 1.2
- * Updated: Visual Composer to 5.2.1
- * Updated: Revolution Slider to

* To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.

V.3.2.2 – 05.25.2017

- Demo Importer Plugin is now included in the package
- Improved the color of the arrows in the push Menu
- Improved the color of the social media icons in the push menu
- Fixed the visited: class color of the post-grid widget (used on The Grid demo)

V.3.2.1 – 04.26.2017

- Fixed an issue with the theme option when you hit save: it redirected you to the theme page instead of the theme options.
- Disabled the parallax for IE and IE Edge browser because of a cross-browser incompatibility.

V.3.2 – 04.24.2017

- Refactored for WooCommerce 3.*
- Updated Croma Music to 3.1.3
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.4.3. (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin)
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.1.1. (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin)
- Fixed compatibility issue with Yoast SEO plugin and page loading
- Fixed other minor bugs
- Removed unnecessary specific CSS files for browser detection
- Fixed translation slug on Croma-Music plugin to make its backend translatable

V.3.1.1 – 04.01.2017

- Fixed audio player issue causing the playlist playing in random order
- Fixed issue on the mobile menu
- Added an option to disable redirection on event single
- Updated Croma-Music plugin to 3.1.2 (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin again)
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.4.1 (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin again)
- Added Freemius SDK

V.3.1 – 03.10.2017

- New feature! Option to redirect your event to an external link
- Fixed scrollbar issue. The scrollbar was behind the menu and backgrounds and it's now fixed. * Action Required for people who have previously imported the Capital demo. Go to wp-admin > croma > look and feel and move your Content Background image to the Main Background option.
- Fixed alignment for event list. It's now centered.
- Fixed issue with Essential Grid that was not working with Ajax. (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin again)
- Fixed minor issue with past events that redirect to a 404
- Fixed Audio Player on mobile in the artist page
- Updated some google fonts

V.3.0 – 02.23.2017

- New feature! We fully support multiple artists !
- New feature! Archive page for artists
- New feature! Single page for artist
- New feature! Events and Discography can now be associated with artist(s)
- New feature! Events and Discography have categories

V.2.2.4 – 02.10.2017

- Audio streaming when Ajax is not enabled
- Bug fix for the audioplayer

V.2.2.3 – 01.23.2017

- Updated the audio player to start the audio in streaming
- Updated Croma Music to 2.4
- Bug fix when "current page item" was not updated in ajax
- Fixed an issue with Revolution Slider and the Event shortcode

V.2.2.2 – 01.11.2017

- Fixed an issue when selecting the default archive option
- Bug fix with essentialGrid and the ajax option
- bug fix with Safari in IOS and the video grid
- Bug fix with Woocommerce and the ajax option
- Bug fix with inline js and the ajax option

V.2.2.1 – 12.22.2016

- New feature on Visual Composer shortcode button. You can choose an album to play on click event.
- Updated Revolution Slider
- Updated PSD file with the new demo.
- Fixed the home link on the mobile menu.

V.2.2 – 12.20.2016

- New feature! Save the custom stylesheet in a file for speed improvement.
- Updated Croma Music to version 2.3
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.0.1
- Fixed visual for checkbox in ContactForm plugin
- Fixed visual for captcha in ContactForm plugin
- Fixed the footer logo not appearing
- Added class "no-ajax" to use when a link as to be treated without ajax

V.2.1.5 – 11.25.2016

- Updated the listing of songs in single album template
- Updated template for single product woocommerce
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.0
- Updated Croma Music plugin to 2.2
- Fixed Event message when there's no event
- Improving the social share speed
- Removed Addthis

V.2.1.4 – 11.06.2016

- Bug fix with the push menu

V.2.1.3 – 11.03.2016

- Bug fix with the logo on classic menu
- Fixed some issues with the niceScroll

v2.1.2 – October 26th 2016

- Bug fix with the footer, the continuous player and body Class

v2.1.1 – October 25th 2016

- Fixed some issues with the footer and the continuous player
- Fixed some issues when some inline script where loaded before their library

v2.1 – October 21th 2016

- Updated the design of the single album template
- Fixed some issues with the Classic Menu on mobile version
- Fixed the audio player when the option Ajax is not enabled
- Fixed the languages Area in the Classic Menu
- Bug fix with the Ajax version
- Updated Croma Music plugin to 2.1

v2.0 – October 3th 2016

- Added an option to enable Ajax through all your page. This option automatically enable a continuous audio player through your pages while users navigate your site. Page load time is also improved 2x faster.
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.12.1.
- Added a "Back" button when using sub-menus in Push menu mode.
- Fixed some issues with touch-screen displays.
- Fixed Google Fonts on the audio player.
- Removed a call to a Facebook script if you are not using it.
- Updated Croma Music plugin to 2.0

V1.2 – September 8th 2016

- Adding a new universal widget areas for language selector

V.1.1 – August 3th 2016

- Fixed video lightbox on mobile.
- Fixed error notices when using PHP 5.4 and less. Now it's 100% compatible.
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.2.6

V.1.0 – March 2016

- Initial version