Revelance – Multi/One-Page Business Parallax Theme

Revalance Features

Revelance is a modern WordPress theme made to look awesome on any size of screen.

Revelance is ideal theme for any agency like creative design agency, web development agency, PR agency, fashion agency, as a theme for startup company or well established company. It would also look great for product or service landing page or product microsite. With great collection of elements to choose from and present your product it is ideal theme for any startup company.

Built with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and with SEO in mind it will help you get on top of Google Searches!

Revelance is jammed packed with options! Theme options allow you to change the look and feel of site and great collection of Drag and Drop shortcodes to modify layouts and add various elements. Choose any color scheme you like… Pick out any of +2000 icons…


Shortcodes / Drag&Drop Elements

  • Accordions – with sliding animation and plus/minus sign change on expansion or collapse
  • Alert Boxes – 4 styles – Info, Warning, Error and Success, each with icon and close button; Animated on close
  • Animation Box – Using the Animation shortcode, you can animate any content, including other shortcodes! With dozens of effects and options your creativity can go wild! Flip ‘em, bounce ‘em or subtly fade them in; You have the control!
  • Columns – AB-Shortcodes uses a very clever system when it comes to columns. The whole page is made up out of grid with 12 columns, all you have to do is decide how many columns your content will span. That gives you an ultimate control over your content!
  • Dividers – visually separate content with dividers. Each can have Go To Top text and/or icon, so when you click it it slides to top of the page
  • Code – if you need to show source program code here is this shortcode; It highlights syntax and show your code in best way, with line numbers
  • Pre & Raw – if you like to printout HTML code or some shortcode code you can use this shortcodes, so code is shown and not executed, either in preformatted way or inline
  • Stats Count Up – show your success in most catchy way! This shortcode will show your statistical data counting up so it will draw visitor attention immediately
  • Text Styles – from headings, highlighted text, abbreviations and tooltips to dropcaps and date shortcodes, all you need of inline text shortcodes
  • 2000+ Font Icons – Resize them, change their color, rotate them or put them in box – font icons allow you to do all that without loosing quality. Plugin includes more than 2000 font icons, from wide categories range – Business, Communication, Computer & Mobile, Design & Writing, Development, Entertainment, Food, Hosting, Menu, Misc, Multimedia, Sport & Games, Symbols, Time & Location
  • Map – show Google Maps easily anywhere you like, just place link to map inside shortcode and map is embedded
  • Member Only Content – hide pieces of content from unregistered user, encourage them to register and provide them with extra value
  • Spacer – add space of any height in pixels, this shortcode provides you extra control
  • Table Wrapper – minimal table styling, with hover and/or striped rows
  • QR Code – give your users option to scan QR code on screen to open page on their mobile device or download your contact data meCard
  • Progress Bar – animated progress / skill bar counting up to targeted value
  • Price Boxes – make modern pricing tables, present your pricing packets to customer, and attract them to most desired one with featured option. Each table can have unlimited number of features
  • Pullquote – small quote or excerpt from content, floated left or right, it draw attention to important thing in content
  • Blockquote – small quote or excerpt can be used like testimonial or to draw attention to important thing in content
  • Service Boxes – display your services with icon and small excerpt
  • Tabs – place tabs any side of content, up down, left or right – tabs come with unique sliding animations
  • Knob – animated progress / skill knob counting up to targeted value
  • Team Member – people are you biggest value, don’t hide them! Show your team members with modern overlay on mouse hover and social icon linked to team member’s social profile or email address
  • Toggle – hide large chunks of content in simple click toggle so it doesn’t affect visual appearance of site, with sliding animation and plus/minus sign change on expansion or collapse
  • Tooltip – nice tooltips on mouse hover to replace browser’s standard ones
  • Animated List – spice up boring bullet list with entrance animation and icon bullets
  • Hide Show Content on Devices – if you have content which is not appropriate for mobile or it is best looking on tablet you can easily hide or display it just by wrapping it in this shortcodes
  • YouTube and Vimeo – easily embed responsive video from YouTube or Vimeo and control all options like autoplay, loop or hiding controls and other elements
  • PayPal Buttons – easily setup PayPal one time payment or donate button
  • Force Download Button – allows you to force download instead of opening file in browser
  • Email Link – printout your email with this shortcode and it will be invisible to spam spiders
  • Other Shortcodes – sitemap, rss, children pages… there is more…

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Update History

UPDATE 2.3.0 / 28 November 16

+ Update - Contact form 7 updated to version 4.5.1
+ Update - Compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
+ Fix - Customizer checkboxes (styling)

UPDATE 2.2.0 / 12 August 16

+ Fix - boxed body responsive
+ Fix - section title icons
+ Fix - thumbnails for Control Navigation on Nivo Slider shortcode
+ Fix - portfolio categories separated with comma in backand
+ Fix - google fonts now work under https
+ fix - Pie Chart label is now showing properly
+ New - Compatible with WordPress 4.5.3
+ Update - The Creator updated to v 1.3.0
+ Update - Revolution Slider 5.2.6
+ Update - TGMPA Class to 2.6.1

UPDATE 2.1.0 / 28 March 16

+ Fix - testimonial slider quotes in default
+ Fix - Service Box icon color if there is no link
+ Fix - Spacer resposnive on mobile and tablet works
+ Fix - Text element - hide text on devices
+ Fix - Background hover on Pricing Box element
+ Fix - Background color on Callout box element
+ Fix - Background color on Stats excerpt element
+ Fix - Download button icons appear
+ New - Compatible with WordPress 4.5.1
+ Update - Revolution Slider 5.2.5

UPDATE 2.0.2 / 15 January 16

+ New - Compatible with newest WordPress
+ Update - The Creator updated to v 1.1.2
+ Update - Revolution Slider 5.1.6
+ Update - Slider Exports
+ Update - Favicon now can be set with Site Icon feature
+ Update - Removed Custom CSS field from Customizer
+ Fix - global Revolution slider notice fix

UPDATE 2.0.1 / 2 December 15

+ Update - Revolution Slider
+ Fix - Added line in dynamic_css.php to color the section icon with main color
+ Fix - Wayopints fix (onepage menu coloring)
+ Fix - Logo not showing if retina logo isn't uploaded.
+ Fix - Google Maps API added
+ Fix - Added Nivo Slider scripts
+ Fix - replaced deprecated php constructors

UPDATE 2.0.0 / 2 August 15

+ Change - Redux Framework replaced with native Theme Customizer
+ Change - Drag and Drop Shortcodes plugin replaced with The Creator Visual Page Builder
+ Change - Content changed to match new builder plugin
+ Update - TGMPA Class to 2.5.0
+ Update - Revolution Slider to 4.6.93
+ Fix - undefined slugs when no post categories defined
+ Fix - undefined filter slugs in portfolio when no portfolio items

UPDATE 1.3.1 / 27 February 15

+ Updated - Added additional icon folder for user custom icons
+ Updated - Redux framework plugin to version
+ Fix - Portfolio issue with foreach loop
+ Fix - Service box colors on hover
+ Fix - Blog pagination
+ Fix - Header fix with logo and color

UPDATE 1.3.0 / 24 January 15

+ Updated - Drag and Drop Shortcodes to 3.0.4
+ Updated - Redux framework plugin to version 3.4.0
+ Added - Portfolio options to include video, soundcloud and gallery (Featured Media)
+ Added - Portfolio added 'none' effect and lightbox option for portfolio shortcode
+ Added - Mobile menu toggle on onepage mobile sites
+ Added - add_theme_support( 'title-tag' )
+ Fix - Scroll on first section shows menu
+ Fix - Service box hover effect only on items with link in them

UPDATE 1.2.1 / 22 October 14

+ Updated - Drag and Drop Shortcodes to 3.0.2

UPDATE 1.2.0 / 13 October 14

+ Updated - Drag and Drop Shortcodes to 3.0.1
+ Updated - Redux framework
+ Updated - Revolution Slider to 4.6.0
+ Added - List of all theme icons in Theme options
+ Added - Youtube channel link option in header
+ Change - Portfolio pagination moved above related items
+ Fix - Scroll correctly when linking to section from out of page
+ Fix - custom.js google_maps_jquery dependency removed

UPDATE 1.1.0 / 2 September 14

+ New - Masonry blog 3 and 4 columns
+ New - YouTube option in Follow us
+ Fix - Whole responsive menu icon active on click
+ Fix - Portfolio items display in Firefox

** Version 1.0.0 / 26 July 14 – Initial release