The 30 Best Tracks for a Crowdfunding Video

Headphones and the Computer. Online Music Listening Concept Photo with Modern Wireless Headphone and Laptop Computer on Glassy Desk.

Crowdfunding campaigns are an ingrained part of internet culture. And with them, videos announcing the launch of a campaign have too become standard. But their widespread use, as well as social media’s fickle nature, has resulted in diminishing returns for videos of this genre a cliche. Soft guitars with reverb playing under inspirational voice overs is the go-to style for crowdfunding videos. Yet there is a world of different styles on offer that may suit your project better and help you cut through to your desired audience.

We worked together with Envato’s audio specialists to compile a list of great quality tracks across a variety of genres to consider for your next crowdfunding video.

Pianist playing piano

If you’re going for a docu-style crowdfunding video, Hang In There might just work. It’s an uplifting piano piece accompanied by strings and a choir. I think it’s best suited to a product that’s cute, and from the heart.

Fit for a project that’s truly groundbreaking with a message of hope, this track is slow, emotional and inspiring featuring soaring strings. It’d go well with visuals emphasising light.

Wanting to announce your project in a way that’s grand? Emotional Inspiring Piano 2 by MusicFilmStudio is a great choice. It’s a moving piece that creates a sense of wonder and intelligence as it builds to a delicate conclusion.

If you’re crowdfunding for a product that’s intricately designed, this gorgeous track will be a fantastic choice. It features a captivating piano intro that leads into an engaging main orchestral section. It’s slick, sexy and it compels you to focus on what you’re being shown.

This one is epic. If you’re looking to turn heads with your announcement, and need a commanding track that will command all eyes on your video, Inspiring Adventure is your track. It’s uplifting and cinematic, with string swells and delicate piano sections.

Female hand holding balloons

This is a straightforward corporate motivational track. It’s optimistic and positive with those guitar lines with reverb and a friendly chord progression. It’s the perfect choice if you want people to focus on what you’re saying, but just need something soft and pleasant in the background.

With a confident driving beat, and a sense of industry, this track is corporate with a bit of an edge. There’s a crispness to its beats, and the chord progression is modern and clean. It also employs a piano line that mostly uses the instrument’s lower end, making it a perfect fit for a fresh product or project.

Is your project something that will brighten people’s day when it works? If so, consider Inspiration by marphologiya. It’s positive, uplifting, yet not boring.

With unusual chords, clean beats and muted guitars, this track by ProLuxeStudio is a good track that works well under a voiceover. If your project solves a problem in an unexpected way, this is one to consider. It would pair well with a confident, serious explainer.

This track is a straightforward inspirational piano piece at the beginning, then turns into a more bouncy, filled out uplifting piece. It’s exciting enough to grab attention, but still soft enough to stay in the background of the video.

This track feels like it’s from the future, and a lot of that is thanks to the thick bass, muted piano, and buried layers of synth. It’s as if it was made for a crowdfunding video from the world of Blade Runner.

Motivation is a powerful blend of orchestral elements, acoustic guitars and contemporary beats. It features a rather seductive piano arrangement against strings and electronic drums, making it sound partly of our time and partly futuristic. If this fits the description of your project, you’ll find this track may be what you’re looking for.

Group of Diverse Friends on Road Trip Together

Happy by AML-Productions

This cheerful, warm track grounded in acoustic guitars emits a great folky road-trip vibe. It’s exciting, calming and would go well with images of traveling on the road or going to the beach in the sun.

This is a corporate track with a commanding presence. The stomping drums, and uplifting melodies make this a piece that could really drive the energy and emotion of your video.

Calm by Luca_Clerici

If yours is a simple product that you aim to explain and just have people feel good about, this calm, positive track is the one to pick. It’s simple and clean featuring acoustic guitars and a light energy.

If you’re searching for a track with a Mumford & Sons vibe, you need to listen to this. Modern Indie Acoustic Upbeat by Twisterium is energetic and folky and would work well with a video going for that rustic, authentic feel.

Featuring warm acoustic guitars, bells and ukulele, this positive sounding track induces images of summer and the beach. Complimented by a glockenspiel, the mix of positive sounding chords and summery instrumentation make this a track that is sure to produce a smile.

Think The Lumineers. If you like the song Ho Hey, look no further. The stomps of the drum commands attention, the claps create a sense of rising energy and the singing against the acoustic piano feels folky and authentic.

Shanghai light dispaly tunnel. Long exposure. Tripod used.

This track possesses a soft beauty. It features a ‘glitch’ effect that’s becoming really popular at the moment, and is purposeful with its use of layering. It builds a rising sense of energy using the arpeggios pattern of the synth lines.

Featuring soft, pulsating synths, along with crisp beats and some unusual other sounds on top, this track feels fresh and summery. It’s well suited to a forward looking product.

Going for something more emotional? This track is one to consider. It’s best suited for a product that takes itself seriously. It’d be perfect for a video showing off a piece of tech hardware focusing on design. With its elegant downtempo beats, and spacious synths, it feels like it’s from the future.

This electronic hip hop track would be great for a project aimed at an urban city demographic. To use a track like this your project needs to be pushing the boundaries and potentially even be high concept. It’s glossy and ambient, and it’s built to capture the attention of only the coolest people in the room.

Reminiscent of Massive Attack, this track possesses a complexity that’s intriguing, but a positive chord progression that stops it from being alienating. If your project is modern, but still meant to be inviting, this ambient abstract electro track with interesting percussive elements is a good choice.

Exciting and energetic, this future bass track makes a statement. It’s definitely louder than a lot of the tracks suggested here, and most suited to brands that are happy to go for the electro-music festival kind of vibe. It’s crisp, sharp and filled with energy. It will definitely make people stop, listen and watch.

Young beautiful hipster woman listening music with headphones in the city

This soft, uplifting piece is great for a project about the outdoors. It’s bright, uptempo indie rock with dancing guitars and soft backing vocals, and fits images of nature against a sunny sky.

This track is bright and energetic, but still low profile enough to fade into the background. It features a great electric guitar line, tambourine over drum beats featuring claps. All of this is complimented by a playful vocal line. It’s got that energetic New York indie rock sound.

Top-Flow’s track Uplifting has a big sound, almost on the verge of epic, but also warm. The piano chords keep the instrumentation fresh, while the chord progression and lower end of the piano and bass create that commanding presence. Make an impression with this indie track you can’t ignore.

This cheerful, pop-y indie track is perfect for a project that’s playful and fun. It’s got a really simple drum beat, a clap pattern and whistling. It’s also one of our bestsellers, having been created by the Latin Grammy Award winning, and Grammy nominated artist Gen Rubin who we unmasked as StudioMonkey last year.

This is a space-aged epic without being too alienating or over the top. The drum beat is fresh and crisp. There are little details like the ambience in the atmosphere that give this track a modern air. And the chord progression, after the 58 second mark, is very uplifting. Your heart is sure to speed up with this one.

This is classic British indie. Featuring dirty electric guitar, and a rock drum beat, it’s simple and catchy enough to be accessible. The synth and piano the pops up every now and then also adds a warmth that opens up the tracks heart.

Music is such an important part of communicating the style of your video and thus your project. So, really consider the identity of what you’re trying to convince people to contribute to, and pick a track that compliments your project well.

Special thanks to Adrien Gardner and his team of audio specialists for compiling this list. And thanks to Scott Wills for producing the forum thread that generated the suggestions we picked from.