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14 Best After Effects Templates to Make Your Videos Pop on Social Media

With the continuing rise in popularity of video online, and on social media, we explore some of the best after effects templates to help you deliver a better user experience and create the perfect video. Quite often on the Envato Blog, we discuss the importance of video to online marketing. As proven by stats and […]


Assessing Cardiovascular Risk Factors with Computer Vision

Posted by Lily Peng MD PhD, Product Manager, Google Brain Team Heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular (CV) diseases continue to be among the top public health issues. Assessing this risk is critical first step toward reducing the likelihood that a patient suffers a CV event in the future. To do this assessment, doctors take […]


Best 15 Awards Ceremony Broadcast Packages & Titles

Award ceremonies, as the name implies, are special events to celebrate stand-out work and achievements. While the event itself is sure to be organized impeccably, the PR efforts behind it play just as big of a role, in whether it will be a roaring success or turn into an extraordinary flop. Of course, you can’t […]


Why do we light firecrackers on Chinese New Year?

Stocksy A warm look at the Chinese legends and rituals of one of the most important festivals in the world, as shared by entrepreneur and Chineasy creator ShaoLan Hsueh. The Lunar New Year is a joyous, noisy winter holiday — its days are filled with parades, firecrackers, and bright red signs and banners with good-luck […]


What is Stratis? Find out in our Complete Beginner’s Guide

Stratis is a platform offering end-to-end solutions for every aspect of blockchain applications with native C# within the .Net framework, including developing, testing, and deploying. The team designed the platform to make it easier to build then deploy even the most complex blockchain applications. The enterprise-grade platform is designed to make it possible for businesses […]